We make web software
for human people.

(And sandwiches.)

But besides the sandwiches...

Here’s what we can do for you.

Kickstarts & prototypes

Advise on your hard problems

Augment your team


Add realtime to your app


WebRTC & Web Video/Audio

XMPP in the browser

Node.js & single-page apps

Our team at ^Lift Security also offer security consulting and ops support.

Real-life clients we’ve done stuff for:

This is like our, uh, “street cred”

Books contributed to:

Human JavaScript

What if there was a saner way to write JS? Henrik Joreteg introduces patterns for building powerfully simple apps without a monolithic framework.

JavaScript Web Applications

Henrik Joreteg was privileged to serve as technical reviewer for Alex MacCaw's great introduction to advanced web apps.

XMPP: The Definitive Guide

In addition to serving as technical reviewer, all code examples use Nathan Fritz and Lance Stout's SleekXMPP library.

Work featured at:

  • .Net Magazine
  • Mozilla Hacks
  • Google I/O
  • CES
  • MobileWorldCongress

Standards contributions:

  • Lance Stout, co-author of IETF XMPP Over WebSockets spec
  • Multiple past and present members of XMPP Standards leadership

Conference speakers:

  • JSConf
  • NodeConf
  • RealtimeConf
  • BackboneConf
  • LXJS
  • RedisConf
  • JSConf EU

We’ve spoken at dozens of events across the globe, including JSConf, NodeConf, DEFCON, DjangoCon, LxJS, and our own RealtimeConf.

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